"Williams is a powerhouse vocalist."
"You get a full taste of Williams’ vocal capabilities during 'Put Your in Your Place.' There is no fear, no shame, and all brass when it comes to Williams’ portrayal of Clarisse. Williams is a powerhouse vocalist who really revs the engines at various points throughout the performance."
Julia was featured as Clarisse in Silhouette Stage's production of The Lightning Thief and also performed as Mrs. Dodds, Aunty Em, and Janis Joplin.
Director: TJ Lukacsina
Assistant Director: MarQuis Fair
Music Directors: Ginny Moses & Carolyn Freel
Choreographer: Rikki Howie
Stage Manager: Rebecca Hanauer
Assistant Stage Manager: Tyler Hart
Fight Choreographer: Russell Rinker
Costume Designer: Deana Cruz-Conner
Properties Designer: Jessie Krupkin
Set Designer: Stephen Foreman
Sound Designers: Ethan Hogarty and PJ Jani
Sound Effects: Brent Tomchik
Projection Design: Amy and Richard Atha-Nicholls
Production Photographer: Ana Johns
(Stasia Stewart Photography)

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